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Bringing an explosive energy as a triple threat musician and Artist to the Contemporary Jazz Genre, New Zealand bred and based Guitarist, Saxophonist and Bassist Ryan La Valette officially unleashed his multitude of melodic and soul-grooving talents to radio in 2022.


Testament to his transcendent array of talents and emotionally impactful songwriting skills, this artist has already collaborated with three of the genre’s top Billboard #1 keyboardists/producers – labelmate Nicholas Cole and two time Grammy nominees Greg Manning and Chris “Big Dog” Davis.


Due to his lifelong passion for the music and style of George Benson – whose classic tune “This Masquerade” he first heard around age five when his mother played it in the house – La Valette considers himself primarily a guitar player, but is also well versed as a Saxophonist and Piccolo Bassist.


Up until the present, La Valette has continued to score consecutive Billboard #1s off of his debut record, "New Beginnings" and officially became the only artist in the Genres 40+ year history to achieve four #1s on a first record, a monumental achievement from an artist so young. His skills as a writer, producer and mixing engineer are unparalleled and it became very apparent on this project.


Ryan first cut his teeth in the touring world with Australian Pop sensation, Stan Walker. He did a one and a half month national New Zealand tour with the artist as his Sax player in the bands horn section, as well as featuring as a Guitar soloist where Stan would bring him out centre stage to wow the crowds with an electrifying solo.   

Including the names previously mentioned, Ryan has already worked with known names in this format, on and off stage, by the likes of Nathan Mitchell, Mark Jaimes, Randy Scott and another new artist, Lemek which La Valette wrote and produced his second Billboard #1 that stayed at the top of the charts for 5 weeks.

The artist currently resides back and forth between New Zealand and the US.


Ryan is also a Yamaha Artist and endorses their Saxophones. He is currently New Zealand's one and only Saxophone endorsee for the brand. 


Other instruments played, live or in the studio

Peerless Guitars, Sire Basses, LTD Basses, Cordoba Guitars, Fender Guitars, Cole Clark Guitars.

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The Artist...

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